Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Media Watched / Read / Played in 2018

Continuing from past years 2015-2017... as a point of reference for myself to return to, an ongoing list of media I've watched, read, or played throughout 2018:

Past Years:

Later Years:

2018 List:
(first time watched)

Films: (...)
Serpico (dir. Sidney Lumet) *
     'Serpico': From Real to Reel (dir. Laurent Bouzereau) *, Inside 'Serpico' (dir. Laurent Bouzereau) *
The Darjeeling Limited (Criterion) (dir. Wes Anderson)
     Hotel Chevalier (dir. Wes Anderson), The Making of The Darjeeling Limited (dir. Barry Braverman) *,
     Dream Train: Chaos and Control in The Darjeeling Limited *, Conversation with James Ivory *
Mortdecai (dir. David Koepp) *
Baby Driver (dir. Edgar Wright)
Conan the Barbarian (dir. John Milius)
     Conan Unchained: The Making of 'Conan' (dir. Laurent Bouzereau)
Conan the Destroyer (dir. Richard Fleischer)
Buena Vista Social Club (Criterion) (dir. Wim Wenders)
     Wim Wenders on Buena Vista Social Club *, Las claves: Compay Segundo *
It Came from Beneath the Sea (Indicator) (dir. Robert Gordon) *
     Tidal Wave of Terror! *, Remembering 'It Came From Beneath the Sea' *,
     Tim Burton Sits Down with Ray Harryhausen *
20 Million Miles to Earth (Indicator) (dir. Nathan Juran) *
     Finding Ray Harryhausen with Dennis Muren *, Remembering '20 Million Miles to Earth' *,
     Interview with Actor Joan Taylor *, Film Music's Unsung Hero *, The Colorization Process *
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (Indicator) (dir. Jack Sher) *
     The Making of 'The 3 Worlds of Gulliver' *, Peter Lord on Ray Harryhausen *,
     David Sproxton on Ray Harryhausen *, Dave Alex Riddett on Ray Harryhausen *
Mysterious Island (1961) (Indicator) (dir. Cy Endfield) *
     Ray Harryhausen on Mysterious Island *, Kim Newman on Mysterious Island *, Islands of Mystery *,
     Mysterious Magic with Hal Hickel (dir. Elijah Drennar) *
Jason and the Argonauts (1963) (Indicator) (dir. Don Chaffey)
     The Harryhausen Legacy *, Ray Harryhausen Interviewed by John Landis *,
     The Harryhausen Chronicles (dir. Richard Schickel) *
First Men in the Moon (1964) (Indicator) (dir. Nathan Juran) *
     Terry Schubert on 'First Men in the Moon' *, Original Men in the Moon *, Tomorrow the Moon *
The Cloverfield Paradox (dir. Julius Onah) *
Jurassic World (dir. Colin Trevorrow) *
Ted 2 (dir. Seth MacFarlane) *
Ghost in the Shell (dir. Rupert Sanders) *
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (Indicator) (dir. Nathan Juran) *
     The Secrets of Sinbad: Phil Tippett on Ray Harryhausen (dir. Elijah Drenner) *,
     Remembering The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, A Look Behind the Voyage, The Music of Bernard Herrmann
King Kong (1933) (dir. Merian C. Cooper, Ernst B. Schoedsack)
     RKO Production 601: The Making of 'Kong, the Eight Wonder of the World' *,
     I'm King Kong! The Exploits of Marian C. Cooper (dir. Christopher Bird, Kevin Brownlow) *

Animated Films: (...)
Zootopia (dir. Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush)
Revolting Rhymes (dir. Jan Lachauer, Jakob Schuh, Bin-Han To) *

Star Trek
Star Trek: Discovery
The Muppet Show (1976)
Ainsley Eats the Streets *
Altered Carbon *
     Mark Gatiss: A study in Sherlock (dir. Nathan Landeg)
Mr. Robot *
American Gods *
Ugly Delicious *
Mega Food *
Poh & Co. *

Animated Series:
Bob's Burgers *
Girls' Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou) *
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Little Witch Academia (Ritoru Witchi Akademia)
Naruto: Shippuden
Natsume Yujin-cho

Dorarara!! X2
The Real Ghostbusters

Rigoletto (COC) (Verdi)
Mike Murley Quartet (The Rex)
Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet (TSO)
     Overture on Three Russian Folk Songs (Balakirev),
     Concerto for Harp and Orchestra in E-flat major, Op. 74 (Gliere),
     Suite from Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev)
Schoolism Live 2018:
     Kim Jung Gi, Kim Hyun Jin, Crash McCreery

Foundation (Isaac Asimov)
Foundation and Empire (Isaac Asimov)
Second Foundation (Isaac Asimov)
Crossroads of Twilight (Robert Jordan)
Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal (Karen Falk)

Ed Brubaker Conversations (Terrence R. Wandtke)
Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life (Ray Harryhausen, Tony Dalton)
Something Like an Autobiography (Akira Kurosawa)

Conan the Slayer Vol.2
Batman: No Man's Land Vol.1-4
The Massive: Ninth Wave Vol.1 (Author - Brian Wood, Illustrator - various)
Black Hammer Vol.2 (Author - Jeff Lemire, Illustrator - various)
Detective Comics Vol.4 (Rebirth)
Lobster Johnson Vol.5
Saga Vol.8
Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero
Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth
Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges
Judge Dredd: Trifecta
Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two (Author - Douglas Wolk, Illustrator, Ulises Farinas)
Judge Dredd Classics Volume 1: Apocalypse War
Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division (Author - Matt Smith, Illustrator, Carl Critchlow)
Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol.3
Aliens: Defiance Vol.1-2
Kill Or Be Killed Vol.3 (Author - Ed Brubaker, Illustrator - Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser)
Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1954
Punisher Max Complete Collection Vol.7
DC Meets Looney Tunes
Batman: Legacy Vol.1
Robin: Year One (Author - Chuck Dixon, Illustrator - Scott Beatty)
Batman by Neal Adams Vol.1

NES Classic Edition
Super NES Classic Edition
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) (dev. Monolith Soft)
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3/PS2) (dev. Naughty Dog)
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (PS4) (dev. Square Enix)
     Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Doom (2016) (PS4) (dev. id Software)
SteamWorld Dig (PS4) (dev. Image & Form)
Monster Hunter World (PS4) (dev. Capcom)
Nier: Automata (PS4) (dev. PlatinumGames)
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4) (dev. Vicarious Visions)
     Crash Bandicoot (dev. Naughty Dog)
     Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (dev. Naughty Dog)
     Crash Bandicoot: Warper (dev. Naughty Dog)
SteamWorld Dig 2 (PS4) (dev. Image & Form)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4) (dev. CD Projekt RED)
     Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine

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